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CrispNet is servicing the business community with cost-effective, reliable Internet solutions since the beginning of the Internet Revolution! The result of our incessant commitment to the bottom line benefits for our customers... [more...]
CrispNet implements automated virus filtering
March 4th, 2004: All emails passing through the CrispNet mail server gateway will now be filtered for Viruses. Our virus database is updated every morning at 4:00 AM to keep up with the latest viruses.
This will further cut down the amount of spam/virus related emails finally reaching subscriber mailboxes. Even though the virus infected emails are filtered on the CrispNet server, we still recommend running the virus protection software on your PC for added local protection.
New spam/virus E-mails Impersonating Staff
March 3rd, 2004: A new breed of spam/virus emails are being sent with forged titles such as "Warning about your e-mail account" or "E-mail account security warning". These messages claim to be from "The team". These messages appear to be a form letter with ISP name implanted and contain a virus attachment that will infect the computer if opened. Please do not open these attachments, and delete the e-mail right away. CrispNet will never send you any attachments like these. If we need to send software, then it will be posted on our website.
CrispNet Cuts the Spam with SpamAssassin
January 19th, 2004: CrispNet is proud to unveil powerful spam filtering for the end user. We already block as much as 90% of the spam coming into our servers immediately, but to stop that last 10%, we now offer the additional coverage of the award winning content filter, SpamAssassin. You can even customize your filtering rules to your own tolerance level!

As many other features, this is also included in every subscriber account for free of charge!

Just login to WebOffice in the grey box on the left and click on the "Spam Can" icon, and you're ready to go. This works for both those who read their mail through WebOffice or through traditional mail clients like Outlook, Eudora, or Netscape.

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